Yale Reardon is an Technical Account Manager in Chicago

Yale Reardon's Bio:

Yale Reardon grew up in Indiana where he attended North Central high school. At North Central he was the captain of the tennis team and recieved an Indiana Honors degree. After high school, Yale Reardon went to Indiana Universit He majored in Telecommunications and got a degree in Arts & Sciences. Since college, Yale Reardon has lived in the Broad Ripple district of Indianapolis where has worked in said careers above. Account Manager for year. Except Yale Reardon to continue to find a career in tech in Chicago for years. Yale Reardon expects to work in the tech world for several years and potentially leave Chicago one day for Indiana. You can view Yale Reardons blog at YaleReardon.net and find out more on his Linkedin

Yale Reardon's Experience:

Yale Reardon's Education:

Yale Reardon's Interests & Activities:

Tennis, Hoosiers, exercise, the Colts, film, and family, sales, tech. Big Indiana fan. Yale Reardon is an experienced Account Manager living in Chicago. In his free time Yale Reardon enjoys working out, running by the lake, tech, social media, podcasts, his friends, fine dining, and most of all Yale Reardon enjoys watching Roger Federer. Yale Reardon enjoys online shopping at Zara and Amazon. Yale Reardon enjoys WordPress, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and AboutMe for social profiles.